For Carter Boyle, Duke University undergraduate studies alumnus, education is the key to success in any field, for anyone regardless of race, gender, or religion. This is the very reason why parents spend a lot of time searching for the best school for their kids, not to mention money to give them a good education. And for most parents, the earlier you start them on a good school, the better; because it increases their chances of getting into a prestigious college, which is a huge stepping stone for a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

On that note, Carter Boyle, Duke alumnus and die-hard fan of the Duke Blue Devils, shares with his readers some of the advantages or benefits of a private school education.

Advantages of a Private School

1. More personalized learning

One of the things that set private schools apart from public schools is class size. In a private school, the student-teacher ratio is typically nine students to a teacher, shares Carter Boyle, Duke University graduate. This basically means two things education-wise: students are given ample time and attention to help them understand lessons and develop into well-rounded individuals, and teaching is more personalized as educators aren’t crowded with too many students.

2. College admissions counseling

In private schools, it is estimated that guidance counselors spend just about 20-24% of their time counseling students for college admissions whereas in private schools, there usually is a guidance counselor whose specific job is to help students through the entire college application process. To sum it all up, says Carter Boyle, Duke alumnus, private schools provide their students an advantage as they hire college counselors.

3. Sports/athletic training

Many public schools don’t have a top-end sports or athletic program, or if they do, training isn’t as competitive or focused as that of a private school’s. If you want your child to have the opportunity to play college sports and be given an athletic scholarship, a private school gives you better chances of achieving just that because as mentioned, public schools have very limited resources for such programs because of restrictions and/or limitations on district funding.

4. Advanced learning opportunities

Private schools offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses and/or International Baccalaureate programs that aren’t commonly available in public schools or even boarding schools. If your child shows a special interest in academic courses that aren’t typically offered in these schools, a private school may have just what your child needs or wants.

5. Specialized religious education

If you want your child to develop string religious beliefs or have a strong religious background, you will find opportunities for such in a private school. There are many private schools that offer specific religious education so you won’t be hard-pressed to find one that fits your goal, shares Carter Boyle, Duke University alum.

As you can see, there are many advantages to having your child education in a private school but ultimately, your discernment as a parent will take precedence over everything else.

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