Carter Boyle, Duke University alumnus, private equity professional, and true-blue Duke Blue Devils fan once dreamed of a career in sports management, either as a coach or an agent but you could say that life had other plans for him, and so he ended up in private equity.

Now if you’re thinking of a career in sports management, Carter Boyle, Duke Blue Devils and Zion Williamson fan, encourages you to keep your focus on your goal and pursue your dreams. And to help you start on the right path, here’s a quick guide on starting a career in sports management.

A Guide to a Career in Sports Management

1. Get the right education

Whether you want to be a coach or a sports agent, getting the right education helps get your foot in the door. There are universities and colleges that offer undergraduate degrees in Sports Management, Sport and Athletic Management, or Sports and Recreation Management.

Carter Boyle, Duke graduate, also suggests that you take up courses in business and finance as well, as these can greatly help you handle the financial side of negotiations and managing your clients’ finances.

You may also consider a Master’s degree in Business (MBA in Sports Management and Recreation, for example) or a Master of Education degree (M.Ed in Sport and Athletic Management, for instance).

2. Get an internship

To start a career in any field, you would need experience and you should start working on this while you’re still in college. Internships are a good way to not only gain some level of experience but also to meet people who are connected in a way to the career you’re looking to start. There are internship postings online or you could also network through your school’s organizations to know which ones you can apply for.

Internship positions that could jumpstart your career in sports management don’t necessarily have to be restricted to that which is directly related to sports management. You can intern for a finance company to learn the basics of financial management or you can intern at a sports complex or facility to learn a bit about operations, recommends Carter Boyle, Duke alumnus.

3. Know exactly what career path to follow

Knowing exactly which part of sports management you’d like to focus on can help you determine the type or degree of education that you need to pursue, the internships you need to apply for, and basically, identify all the steps necessary to get you started on the right path.

For instance, a Sports Management degree can help you start a career in sports writing, sporting events, sports PR, agent, communications head for a sports agency or sporting facility, and so on.

Study your options carefully so you can determine how and where to start. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to seek out mentors and college counselors.

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