Carter Boyle, Duke University Alumnus

carter boyle duke university

To many in the academe and alumni such as Carter Boyle, Duke University is one of the best schools in the US.

According to Carter Boyle, Duke University sits on land measuring 8,691 acres – 7,000 of which is woodland known as Duke Forest. Located in Durham, North Carolina, the school has been producing numerous Nobel laureates, Turing Award winners, Rhodes Scholars, and Churchill Scholars since its founding in 1838. It’s currently in the top ten of several national rankings.

Getting into the school is difficult, with only 9% of applicants getting admitted. It currently has over 14,800 students, many of whom are working towards graduate and professional degrees. Undergraduate tuition is around $51,000, which rises to more than $68,000 when taking additional fees into consideration. The school gives financial aid to half of its students, however.

Duke University – Campus Life

The top five majors at Duke University include Psychology, Biomedical Engineering, Biology, Economics, and Public Policy. 97 percent of its students come back after their freshman year, while 95 percent can graduate in four years.

On-campus housing is available at Duke, and all freshmen are required to stay at the East Campus. The university allows students with similar interests share accommodations. Students rate the campus favorably, thanks to the university’s high-quality housing, food services, and other factors. As observed by Carter Boyle, Duke also boasts great campus diversity, social scenes, clubs, and activities.

To sports fans like Carter Boyle, Duke University has one of the best college basketball teams in the form of the Duke Blue Devils. Said team, after all, has produced some of the sport’s most notable stars, such as Jason Williams, J.J. Redick, and 2019’s National College Player of the Year, Zion Williamson.

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