Carter Boyle, Duke Blue Devils Fan

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Courtesy: Duke Athletics

For many avid sports fans like Carter Boyle, Duke University’s Blue Devils have always been top contenders in major college sports tournaments. The teams have a long and proud history stretching as far back as the early 1900s and remain a force to be reckoned with to this day.

According to Carter Boyle, Duke University’s Blue Devils got their name from the Chasseurs Alpins a.k.a. “les Diables Bleus,” who were heroic French Soldiers during World War I. The school newspaper, Trinity Chronicle, selected the name from a number of suggestions, and made it official in academic year of 1922-1923 when it began using “Blue Devils” to refer to Duke University’s athletic teams.

Duke Blue Devils – Today

Today, the Duke Blue Devils encompass the school’s many varsity teams in the NCAA Division I. Said teams include basketball, football, baseball, golf, lacrosse, softball, soccer, field hockey, swimming, diving, and wrestling.

As observed by Carter Boyle, Duke University has produced many exceptionally skilled, award-winning athletes. Most recently, the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball player Zion Williamson received multiple honors, including the National College Player of the Year 2019 and ACC Rookie of the Year 2019 awards. The performance of the Blue Devils basketball team always serves as a highlight in important intercollegiate tournaments such as the NCAA March Madness. To date, they have won 5 NCAA championships and boast an all-time record of 2062-853 (.707).

To college sports enthusiasts like Carter Boyle, the Duke Blue Devils football team is also a source of pride. After all, the team has won seven ACC championships. It also benefits from the guidance of esteemed coach David Cutliffe, who has helped hone the skills of renowned athletes such as Peyton and Eli Manning.

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